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For more than 6,000 years the art of Dowsing has been used to find water. Dowsing is a skill not everyone can master. 

Indeed, if everyone in the world were shown how to use the correct equipment to dowse, only 40% would be successful! ld be successful!
Not surprisingly, Dowsing is regularly used by Water Boards to locate old water pipes and drains. In some countries where water shortage is a big problem, such as Australia, Dowsers have located underground streams in the driest of places.
The Art of Dowsing
This is a very big subject and would take a long time to explain. We use simple tools - the pendulum to map dowse, metal rods to find water, or - for the more advanced - the Hazel Twig! 

Nobody really knows just how dowsing works. Dowsing has a very good pedigree for finding water and objects. We use dowsing to find mineral fault lines, to test and find bad energy in buildings, to find out if the RadiTech is working.


The health of the horses in the following stables

1 – misly – very nervous (4 years old)

2 – alex – keeps going lame ( 3 years old)

3 – rhythm – really bad virus for over one year ( 16 yeard old)

4 – ammy – ok

5 – Wembley – a complete physical nervous wreck ( 7 years old)

 If your building sits on mineral iron ore for example the radiation becomes a big problem, dowsing for geopathic stress lines in a case like this would not be recommended as it can make the dowser very ill, distant dowsing would be much safer. We use a pendulum and a chart for distant dowsing.

 Dowsing with L rods. walking slowly over a water vein until the rods cross. 

The article below has been written by Rolf Gordon, i will follow shortly with my own article.

Distant Dowsing

Many people are quite rightly baffled when you tell them you can check them or their building by distant dowsing. I do not believe it will ever be explained how it works. Some thinkyou connect into universal knowledge. But believe me it works with an accuracy of over 95% for me.

Normally one should not dowse more than two stressful buildings a week on site to prevent it harming you. But dowsing from a distance you can check hundreds of building and people a week without any harm to yourself and with an enormous saving inn time. One should have three rules:

1.      Do not try and diagnose illness i.e. cancer,AIDS,MS etc. instead dowse the vitality of say kidneys, spleen, etc. lack of say Q10, salt, Iodine, Minerals, Vitamins etc., or being allergic to tomatoes, additives in fruit, drinks etc.

2.      Do not try and dowse into the future. You will not get rich betting by dowsing.

3.      Remember it is not medically ethical to dowse people’s health in detail without their permission.


The accuracy of distant dowsing had been proven to me in many ways during my dowsing of tens of thousands of people and buildings

Whenever people have moved sleeping places on my advice they nearly always reported back they sleep better than they have done for a long time. This is particularly gratifying in cancer cases. I found a woman with a cancer tumour on her brain was sleeping with two geopathic stress lines crossing her head. She always had headaches in bed. On the very first night sleep in a stress free bed she slept well and without headaches.

John called on us looking very pale. I dowsed his bed from a distance and found two geopathic stress lines crossing his right hand chest. He confirmed he had a tumour on his right hand lung. I suggested he slept in a different room I had dowsed was free of stress. John came in the next day with a completely different healthy complex and said he had not slept so well for a long time after sleeping in the bedroom suggested.

On my advice a grandmother moved her granddaughter’s cot across the room. Instead of the baby waking up sweating, crying and laying up against the edge of the cot at 3 a.m., she is now sleeping in the middle of the cot and waking up relaxed and smiling at 7 a.m. I spoke to Trisha about her friends little boy jack of 6 months who cried every night since he had been put into his present cot 4 months ago. I dowsed Jacks bedroom and his parents took my advice and moved the cot from back of the room to alongside the window. Trisha reports since the cot has been moved Jack has slept peacefully every night. I have similarly helped hundreds of parents to sleep serenely because their babies no longer cry at night by giving advice over the telephone where to move the cot into a safe place.


 Typical letter: Thank you for the Geopathic stress dowsing from our house plan. I have checked it with Kinesiology and it was spot on. Sally Pain. Colchester.

1.      When I find a person is Geopathicly stressed and a VEGA or signalysis blood analysis test is carried out by a therapist, it always confirms my findings. Equally, tests confirm when I have found people have been freed of Geopathic stress.

2.      A south African doctor rang to ask me to check out a doctor friend in Austraila ( no name given). The next five minutes confirmed health problems it had taken his colleagues years to find out.

3.      An 18 month old boy had been in and out of hospital all his life with breathing problems. I advertised over the telephone to move his cot to the other side of the room. He immediately became a very lively little boy with normal breathing and has not seen a doctor since then (now 8 years old).

4.      A farmer in France wrote to ask how far down he should drill to get water in a spot he had dowsed had water. I explained to him how to dowse for depth of water on site and put my result in a sealed envelope (26 ft). He agreed depth before opening envelope and dug down 26 ft. to reach water successfully.

5.      By map dowsing a bed * I invariably find where there are two Geopathic stress lines cross under a body where there is a health problem.

6.      I was recently in Israel on a tour with a famous professor of archaeology who was an expert in ancient ceramics. Broken pottery was plentiful on many sites. From sight I could not tell if a pottery piece was 2000 or 5000 years old. I dowsed how old the pottery was, which agreed more or less the professors expert dating afterwards.

Using the 180 degrees scale, a heavy pendulum and giving it a swing, most readings are registered within a few swings. At a recent workshop I gave, nearly all 15 participants could dowse from a distance within a short time. Thousands are now dowsing accurately from a distance musing my simple method.

*I map dowse by swinging the pendulum back and forward along the edge of a plan of a bed or room. When the pendulum rotates I know I have found a line. I then ask which direction and the pendulum will swing in the correct direction. With experience one can find how wide the line is, also the strength of the GS by going back to the scales. Von Pohl’s used scale of 1 to 16, and found over 9 was dangerous.


map dowsing using a pendulum a gifted art. 

Distant Dowsing cows for BVD

A farmer rang the other day to ask if he could use our dowsing service to tell which of his cows had BVD. The first thing that i did was to take all the numbers down of all the 130 cows that he had. The Bull and a few of his young stock. I put the cows numbers into batches of 20 and numbered the batches 1-9 i then rang my friend Rolf Gordon ( yes i took a back seat on this job) i got him to go trough the batches of cow numbers and he picked out 272 and 141 as being carriers of BVD these cows were treated with AlliTech and after 16 days they were clear of BVD we will repeat this result again to make sure that we have not fooled our self's. Often we use dowsing to tell weather a product is good enough to work on something a virus, infection etc. Dowsing is a very good tool in our business.