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What is RadiTech?





The RadiTech is a multi-wave oscillator. Put simply, it sucks up large amounts of Electro-Magnetic stress in homes, shops, gardens and stables. It is free-standing and needs no electrical power to function. Simply place the RadiTech in the desired place and let it go to work.

Some 70 years ago a very similar device would have been placed in a ship's generator room to soak up stray electric in the vicinity. Why? To keep out stray electrics - or statics - in the ship's hull!

The phenomena is most definitely found in milking parlours. Cows feel the stray electrics given out by the motors found in a modern milking parlour and instinctively kick out against them.

Tesla, the inventor of alternating current, found that when he placed people in areas of high electro-magnetic stress, afterwards they found it difficult to resist viruses and bacteria. In short, they became susceptible to illness.

RadiTech 10000 put in calving unit, helps deal with geopathic stress making the building much calmer and getting both mother and calf off to a good start in life.

please note deangate cow, good looking at any angle 


  • Calf Mortality
  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Electro-magnetic Pollution
  • Stress
  • Cancer Tumours
  • Coccidiosis
  • Conception Rates
  • Stress

Farmer: D J Garrett
                Lydfords Farm
                Guys Marsh
Herd Size: 80 Friesian/Holsteins
Farm Size 90 Acres
Date: March 206

After experiencing problems with his dairy cows and his own health, David has some dowsing done on his farm buildings. Several geopathic stress lines were found. This was over three years ago.
Following the dowsing an industrial sized neutralizer was installed in his dairy unit. Soon after the cows became muck calmer to milk but most notable thing was that David noticed the cows were resting and cudding better in their cubicles. This was because a very strong geopathic stress line ran full length of the cubicles causing the cows’ discomfort – animals being very sensitive to geopathic stress.
Once these geopathic stress lines had been neutralized, not only did the cows stop injuring themselves in the cubicles, David noticed that he also slept much better in his farmhouse.
The calf rearing unit had also been great concern despite a routine vaccination programme under veterinary supervision. David has been losing up to four calves per month mainly from coccidiosis. Since neutralizing the geopathic stress lines, David has only lost one calf in three years. The routine vaccination programme has now ceased.
A small number of livery ponies are kept on the farm. One in particular was very difficult to handle but is much calmer now.
So impressed by his animals behaviour David has now neutralized geopathic stress lines in his own home and that of his daughters homes who lives away from the farm. He says his own health has improved and his ‘animal homeopathy remedies’ work much better on the cows. He uses far fewer antibiotics now as a result of the changes he has made.


John and Julie, Manor Farm, 

 120 cows, said after we installed a RadiTech in January 2002 the milking parlour is a better place to work in. Before my calves just laid down and wanted to die and many did. Now there is fantastic difference, the calves are moving around and full of life and the mortality rate has decreased. Johns rheumatism is so much better and we have both developed an amazing amount of energy.


Vehicle and office Raditech


You have to open any newspaper, on and day, to read an article involving road rage. This aggressive driving pattern is becoming a disturbing by-product of better, faster automobiles and super highways. Spending longer hours in your vehicle can now be a more pleasurable experience, and the rising tempers and argumentative attitudes will be things of the past.

Did you realise that you could substantially improve your driving pleasure?

You dont have to endure bouts of travel sickness, periods of drowsiness on hot days, or persistent physical discomfort like headaches and backaches, while driving. Many symptoms like these are caused by build-ups of static electricity and elevated vibration levels in the structure of the vehicle itself. Park your car in the wrong place and youll experience a zap when you touch the bodywork. Plug in a Raditech and youll start to notice the difference almost immediately. As the vehicle becomes neutralised, these upsetting disruptions will disappear. Youll fell more relaxed, more refreshed and after long hours of driving, and your level of concentration will be noticeably improved. 

Have you ever wondered why there always seem to be accidents on certain corners? Or why you concentrate on your driving with more effort in some spots than others? And why there are times when, regardless of how well rested you are, you still almost nod off at the wheel? What you are experiencing is the effect of a black spot a place where accidents happen more frequently.

In Germany, black spots are an accepted aspect of road works and planning. They are detected, identified, signed with lower speed limits, and in some cases the highway has been re-routed around the worst of them.

Black spots are a global phenomenon. The Raditech is a neutraliser.

In Austria, granite pylons have been erected beside the roads in an effort to reduce the number of road accidents. They absorb the excessive electromagnetic build-up which is believed to contribute to black spots.

How does the Raditech work?

The Raditech is a multi-wave oscillator that produces a healthy vibration of around 8 Hertz. That is approximatetely the earths natural level of vibration, and an ideal environment for supporting a healthy body. This explains why NASA has introduced this vibration level as a comfortable constant is spacecraft where astronauts are expected to live for prolonged periods.

Changes in the earths vibration rate occur when subterranean bodies of water or rock formations distort the field. Vibration levels rise and black spots, or fields of Geopathic Stress, are formed. The RadiTech is a neutraliser that maintains a constant stress-free zone in, and around your vehicle. You remain alert, refreshed and less venerable to car sickness or drowsiness.

Place RadiTech in your family car, fleet vehicle, taxi, tractor, bus, earth mover etc and ensure that your time spent in-vehicle is safer, more comfortable, and less prone to fatigue or loss of concentration.


Place RadiTech in your family car, fleet vehicle, taxi, tractor, bus, earth mover etc and ensure that your time spent in-vehicle is safer, more comfortable, and less prone to fatigue or loss of concentration.

Farmer:     R W Masters and Partners

Address:    Manor Farm




Production:   Milk and beef

Farm Size:      153 hectares

Herd Size:      120 cows plus 100 Beef


Three years ago, Miss Masters, a keen horsewoman, fractured an ankle when her horse fell. After surgery the bones were pinned but for two years refused to heal. She borrowed a Magnatech to use on her ankle and within a short time noticed considerable improvements. She was told that if the house or farm buildings suffered Geopathic Stress this could explain why her bones would not heal.

Both Miss Masters and her brother, John, had difficulty in sleeping at night and were constantly tired. In the farm buildings, many claves died and others were difficult to rear. The milking parlour was found to be very stressed, which may explain why Masters found milking very taxing. Miss Masters horse, boxed near the buildings, suffered from Sesamoid Hylitis.

In January 2002 a Raditech 10,000 was installed and covers both the farmhouse and adjoining dairy buildings. Since then everyone has more energy. The Masters are sleeping and even their collie dog is better! The milking parlour is a better place to work in and calf mortality has decreased.

Miss Masters reports the Sesamoid Hylitis in the horses was out of control but now the Geopathic Stress has been neutralized it is very manageable.

John Masters reports that he has developed an amazing amount of energy since the Geopathic Stress has been neutralized.


Farmer:       W Whitbread

Address:       Home Farm



Production:  Milk and Beef

Farm size:     41.2 hectares

Herd Size:      40 cows plus Dairy Followers and Beef

I have had considerable success using a Magnitech on my Dairy herd.Healing damage teats with excellent results.

In February 1998 Whitbread, now a firm believer in Magnitech, tells how two cows decided to enter the milking parlour at the same time. In the ensuring crush, he trapped a finger so badly it burst open and needed 5 stitches and a relief milker had to be hired while he convalesced. Convinced the finger would turn septic, Whitbreads doctor was amazed at how quickly it healed with the use of Magnitech.

Within a few days of the accident, a cow suffered a trapped teat. The relief help, Andy , was not optimistic about saving the teat and quarter. Whitbread brought out his Magnitech. Within three days the quarter was milking normally and in a week had almost healed with no trace of mastitis. Andy could not believe such a result was possible with a Magnitech used for only 10 minutes, twice a day.

In 2001, Whitbread underwent major surgery. As this was during the Foot and Mouth outbreak, his son milked for him, despite having a full-time job. Whitbread explains how one morning he noticed a drain plug on a cows teat (the only way of saving a badly damaged teat, according to the Vet). This had been in place for three days and a trace of mastitis was showing. Magnitech was applied for 10-20 minutes, twice a day, and within five days the teat was being milked by machine. Magnitech was then applied once a day and within two weeks the teat was almost fully healed.

Since 1999, a Raditech has been installed in the farmhouse with noticeable reductions in stress. In 2001, Whitbread placed it in the parlour for a months trail and reported noticeable stress reductions.  


RadiTech Model 6000 & 20000


To quickly release your Geopathic stress and lessen withdraw symptoms: - Plug the RadiTech into the electricity and switch on at the socket (if the socket has a switch). Place the Raditech horizontal on the floor with the front on to (has RadiTech logo in blue on). Place your feet on top the RadiTech (keep your shoes on if you like) for 10 minutes. You will mostly feel peaceful and/or some slight tingling. You may have to repeat the above the following day. People with heart problems should halve the time over several days. Try the above again before you go to bed for 10 minutes and you will most likely have a very good sleep. If you feel stiff in the morning put your feet on the RadiTech for a few minutes or all finger and thumb tips at the same time is a double benefit.

Suggested time for children to have feet on RadiTech


½ - 2 years


3 minutes


3 – 5 years


5 minutes


6 years +


5 minutes





Put the child on your lap if you like with your feet on the RadiTech. Halve the time for children for subsequently periods on the RadiTech.

Put your feet on the feet on the RadiTech (for a few minutes) whenever you feel stressed after coming home from a Geopathic Stress workplace, school etc. or after being together with stressful people. You can also lean up against the RadiTech, say in a chair or touch the unit with your hand. Many doctors and natural health practioners do it each day after seeing stressful patients.

Installation of RadiTech

After having your feet on the RadiTech switch the unit initially down to Medium ‘M’ setting and place the Raditech upright against the wall.

You may initially experience some withdraw symptoms such as headaches, feeling uneasy in some way, vivid dreams and even symptoms of a cold. Often if you get eczema you may get a severe attack for a few days. These are all the ways your body releases the toxins from your body. Usually people just sleep and feel better immediately. However, withdrawal symptoms can last a few days and in worst cases several weeks. If you have withdrawal symptoms for more than a few days switch the electricity off at the socket, (if it has a switch, leaving it plugged in). This will reduce the strength of the RadiTech by half (called half strength). Try switching on the electricity again after a few days Remember, thousands have gone through withdrawal symptoms and are thankful afterwards.

It may be advised not to have the RadiTech in an occupied bedroom or in the kitchen.

During sleep your brain should be at rest about half the time) preventing you feeling drained in the morning) and the rest of the time do it’s ‘housekeeping’, healing and creating new cells (about 85% are created during sleep). However, if you are Geopathic Stressed your brain will be working all the time and your brain will have difficulty in communicating with your body. This nearly always weakens your immune system and may prevent your body creating vital vitamins, enzymes etc. and making it difficult to absorb enough vitamins, minerals, co- enzymes, enzymes and trace elements from your food. (Absorption rate if Geopathicly Stressed can be as low as 40% of norm).


Some may not feel the benefit of the RadiTech immediately as the improvement in your health is very gradual.

In such cases you may need some kind of therapy to give you a ‘kick start’ back into full health. Often magnetic therapy is the answer by revitalising weak organs and glands and releasing locked in toxins in your body cells. Most pain is locked in toxins. The most powerful bipolar pure magnetic therapy can be applied with the MagneTech in your own home. If you are low in energy, for example if you have M.E., you may need high doses of Co-enzyme Q10 and /or OxyTech for a few weeks. If you have Candida you should take a course of OxyTech. If you have asthma, headaches & migraines you may be lacking in Magnesium.

The RadiTech by neutralising the Geopathic Stress in you, ensures you respond to any appropriate treatment 100% better,

The RadiTech is a multiwave oscillator making the electrical circuit in buildings a smooth carrier, thereby converting Geopathic Stress vibrations into a regular 8Hz pattern, which is no longer harmful to biological organs.

The RadiTech will reduce a wide range of environmental pollutions such as Electro Magnetic Field, Static and Radon Gases.

See full instructions but please remember the RadiTech must be placed vertical at all times with the cable coming out on top continuously (except when you are distressing yourself with the RadiTech laying horizontal on the floor) and plugged into the electricity.


People with a bad heart condition should start using the RadiTech on half strength (if possible) during the day only, to minimise any withdrawal effects. After one or two days plug the RadiTech in during the night and then gradually switch the RadiTech to full strength and keep on all the time.

Do not forget to distress your dogs and cats by having them on your lap when you are distressing yourself on the RadiTech.

There is a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the RadiTech if it fails to neutralise the Geopathic Stress in the building it was intended for and fails to clear the Geopathic Stress out of the person/s in the building covered by the RadiTech (check on a VEGA machine or with the muscle test), and is returned in an undamaged state within three months of purchase by Registered post, BUT please contact us first, because if you are Geopathically Stressed, further help can be given.



Remember many stressful jobs are mainly caused by stressful work places, so it is most important to install a RadiTech at work if your work place is Geopathically stressed. (Ask for article on sick building syndrome). Do not forget to take a portable unit with you when you go away from home otherwise you may spoil a holiday or business trip. The portable RadiTech is also ideal in a stressful office (also next to computers) if no big RadiTech is installed or when at some supermarkets and other indoor places.

P.S the RadiTech can work on any voltage



A versatile and accurate diagnostic technique has become well known and used increasingly by doctors and other health therapists, based on the theory that ‘your body does not lie’. This is also an ideal method carry out dowsing by visually handicapped people. It can be used to indicate imbalances in the body’s energy systems and to identify the cause of the imbalance, but it also has many specialised applications. The Muscle Test can be used to check if a specific place is affected by Geopathic Stress and to double check the findings of the L rod. Your body can clearly tell whether a place is a good or bad for you.

Stand in a place where the rod has shown no reaction to Geopathic stress. Ask a willing friend to hold out one arm at shoulder height, parallel to the ground (sitting or standing erect). Place one of your hands (palm down on their wrist, with your other hand on their shoulder (you can be behind or in front of the person). Now ask your friend to ‘resist’ with all his/her strength while you push down on their wrist, quickly and firmly, assess how much pressure it takes to push the arm down. The idea is to push just hard enough to test the spring and bounce in the arm, not so hard the muscle becomes fatigued. It is not a question of who is stronger, but of whether the muscle can lock the shoulder joint against the push. In most cases a person will resist the pressure and the arm will remain outstretched. 

Now move to a place where the L rod has indicated that there is Geopathic Stress, try the same Muscle Test again by asking “Is there Geopathic Stress here?”. If the answer is ‘yes’ your friend’s arm will go down much more easy.

It is important to carry out a third test in a place with no Geopathic Stress. You will now find that your friend’s arm is strong again. Do not leave someone testing ‘weak’. Always make sure that the last test is a ‘strong’ one. Have your friend try the same experiment with you so you can experience how sitting or standing in a place affected by Geopathic Stressed can weaken you. With more experience you can actually draw a plan of the house or flat you wish to test and touch each room with your free hand while Muscle Testing for Geopathic Stress. When testing for vitamins and minerals, write the names of various vitamins etc. On separate pieces of paper or just concentrate on the name, and check each in turn. If a vitamin is needed the arm will go ‘weak’. With the actual vitamin tablet in your hand, keeping adding tablets until the arm goes strong. You will now have the quantity you need. Don’t forget the quantity can vary from day to day. If you want to test a young child, place your free hand on the child and let the child hold the names or tablets.

Incidentally, the Muscle Test can be used to test if certain foods, drinks, drugs or homeopathic or Bach flower remedies are good or bad for you. You might want to try the same procedure with sugar or tobacco. The person being tested hold the substance in their free hand, it is a dynamic way to test for food allergies.

If you find the Muscle Test is obviously giving the wrong answers you may have a complication called switching. Trying holding an obvious toxin (e.g. rat poison or week-killer) in your free hand, a ‘strong’ response to a toxin will indicated that you are switched. To unswitch yourself try a few short thumps with the palm of your hand on your thymus on your chest just below the collar bone, or test over a crossing of two harmful earth rays. The Muscle Test can also be done while you are sitting down using one or two outstretched arms which your friend can test on.


Remember weak arm = bad.

With some experience you can feel how bad Geopathic stress and other things are for you by the way the arms goes down: if reluctantly = not too bad, but if the arm immediately collapses = bad.


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to go back and forth between two limits; instrument for producing oscillation

a travelling disturbance

parasites infecting the instestinal tracts of animals

sharp jolts of electricity transmitted from non-electric sources (eg. another person, door handles)

anything observed by the senses; remarkable

electric currents sent through the air without the use of metal threads normally used in telegraphy, etc.