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The Vortex Energiser comes in three sizes: SMALL - The personal harmoniser. MEDIUM - The water energiser. LARGE - The industrial energiser. Vortex Energisers are proven to remain effective for up to ten years... and counting.
The Personal Harmoniser
Used, and worn, around the neck to protect against Electro-Magnetic pollution - a definite must for boosting the immune system. The Personal Harmoniser can be used to de-stress food and drinks.
The water energiser
A more powerful energiser with which to energise large amounts of water. Used extensively in the horticultural industry, farming industry and, of course, in homes to give water a much softer, less chlorinated appeal. Water is far more palatable as a result. Harmonised water has been found to increase plant yields and growth in animals because the harmonising process enhances the natural benefits of water.
The Industrail Energiser
This, most powerful, energiser can be used to energise large quantities of cattle feed, enhancing its life-storage and energy levels. There are many potential benefits to its industrial applications in the food industry.


Vortex Energisers are made from pure spring water from Dartmoor and the spinning process draws the natural water vibration. It is this vibration that provides the energy. Bearing in mind that all diseases have a frequency, by tuning into a frequency you are tuning into the disease thus enabling yourself to heal naturally.

Gloucester farmer
Farm facts
Mr P Beard has 150 dairy cows, with a milk average of 8600 litres. They rarer all their own calf’s with some i.e in use and a beef sweeper bull of their own.

Mr P Beard had experienced problems with calf scourers and pneumonia and also there were a lot of dairy cows who refused to enter the milking pallor. Mr P Beard did not feel very well in himself often suffering from indigestion after morning breakfast and some headaches, it was suggested to Mr. P Beard that he would be better to look at geopathic stress and the effects it was having on his farm so we decided to have the farm distance dowsing for geopathic stress. It was found that there was 2 bad lines on the entry of the milking pallor, one line went through the middle of the milking pallor, with line made the cows fidgety and kick and make for a very uncomfortable milking all round for cow and cowman.
Two 10000 raditechs were installed and after the geopathic stress was cleared by the machines Mr. beard reported that the cows were now less fidgety in the milking pallor and would enter and exit a lot more easily. Calf health improved greatly in the calf house with a much lower mortality rate and Mr. P Beard said his indigestion stopped and his all round health improved. That’s really all about the raditechs.
It was suggested in 2010 that Mr. P beard wear a vortex energiser himself with good results after a long cold winter he said himself that the energiser had help by giving a lot more energy for him to work around farm.  I told Mr. P  beard  about the water vortex energiser and how it helped smooth out the taste of fluoride and revitalise the water you get from the tap, so in July 2010 Mr. P beard fitted the device for a long period of 3 months little difference was notice, until the cows came in for the autumn and winter period, Mr. P beard cowman noticed that the water troughs’ were crystal clear and did not need cleaning out, in fact the troughs were not cleaned out apart from when a wild bird died in the trough it of course had to be cleaned out, then much more was to come. The condition of the cows coats much improved with very shiny coats in February and the milk yield had improved to 34 litres a day. The overall health of the cows was much improved and they became greatly happier and contented with much improved hoof’s.
It was suggested that Mr. P Beard vortex energies his silage and maze clamps and later on the inlet pipe on the lagoon to energise his cow’s slurry. The slurry analysis revealed that it had 10 units per 1000 litres of nitrogen and well over 90% was usable to the plant, there was no noticeable smell from the slurry when it was spread by the contractor, the cows grazed more of the grass because it tasted sweeter to them.The slurry is very quickly utilised in the grass and does not hang around smelling for days on end so it's not as sour as ordinary slurry and there's a big plus with growth being much cheaper to the farmer, not surprisingly quite a few people have look at the analysis of the slurry and wondered how this could be. We think that taking the toxins from the water via the vibration vortex energiser makes the slurry blend with the grass much better, simply amazing what natural water can do. The whole lagoon has been treated with slurry bugs as well the vortex Energiser and the slurry bugs work really well together, the lagoon crusts less, turns in on itself with quicker rotting. Watch this space for the 2012 lagoon activity.

The lagoon shown here as been energised with the industerial energiser and this does not crust very much at all.

The fields upto the 23rd july 2011 grew good grass during dry spells as you can see.



More research here from Mr Perrybeard

Mean slurry analysis

Sampling 02/02/11 Sampling 23/02/11 Difference %
Total solids % 2.2 3.3 +50
Nitrogen % 0.070 0.150 +214
% N as NH4
73 56 -23
% N as Organic
27 44 +63
Phosphorus %
0.004 0.015 +375
Potassium %
0.084 0.141 +168
Magnesium %
0.012 0.032 +267
Sulphur %
0.004 0.011 +275
Slurry value (£/ha)
50 93 +£43/ha